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  • Notification of full paper acceptance(May, 2016)


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Indoor Environment Quality & Climate

  • Thermal, acoustical, lighting and air quality
  • Subjective evaluation & physical measurements
  • Pollutant & moisture sources, sinks and transport
  • Airborne infectious diseases transmission, control and mitigation
  • Thermal comfort

Ventilation & Airtightness

  • Ventilation & airtightness technologies and strategies
  • Measurement techniques of infiltration and ductwork airtightness
  • Design approaches and control methods for ventilative cooling
  • Innovative ventilation concepts and combined systems
  • Standards and regulations

Ventilation in relation to IAQ & Health Aspects

  • IAQ impacts from I/O sources
  • Humidity control, moisture damage and mould
  • Removal control strategies and technologies
  • Optimal ventilation & airtightness levels concerning health aspects

Smart Technologies for Building Performance

  • Air barriers for leakage and moisture control
  • Controllable natural & mechanical ventilation
  • Integration with HVAC system
  • Sustainable building systems
  • Life-cycle analysis; energy, environmental impacts

HVAC Systems

  • Heat and energy recovery ventilator
  • Demand-based ventilation control
  • Dehumidification and air conditioning
  • Filter, air cleaning and purifier

Building System Integration and Optimization

  • Integrated design
  • Integrated building envelope and HVAC systems
  • Integration of passive technologies with active systems
  • Optimization of IEQ and energy efficiency
  • Integration of source control, ventilation and air cleaning.

Sensors, Controls and Information Management

  • Low-cost sensors, sensing method
  • Building energy management system
  • Whole building system commissioning and diagnosis
  • Sensor networks and intelligent controls
  • TAB and M&V

Modeling and Simulation Tools

  • Coupled/decoupled heat, air, moisture and pollutant transport
  • Combined/separated IEQ and energy simulations
  • Modeling on IAQ & ventilation performance
  • CFD and air flow in building
  • Validation, calibration and uncertainty